Bank-to-bank transfer

Your money, where you want it, when you need it.

A bank-to-bank transfer is easy to make. Move money between your TCF account and your account at another bank using digital banking.

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Enroll in bank-to-bank transfer

Log in to digital banking, go to Pay & Transfer and select Bank-to-Bank Enrollment.

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Add your account

In Pay & Transfer, select Manage Recipients, and click on Add Recipient. Choose Add a non-TCF account to transfer funds. Name the account and enter its routing and account numbers. Select the account type from the drop down menu.

Account verification

We’ll attempt to instantly verify your account. If it’s verified, you can go ahead and schedule a transfer between your bank accounts.

If we can’t instantly verify your account, we’ll make two small trial deposits within three business days.

  • Check your email. We’ll email you when the trial deposits have been made. Look for a transaction description in your non-TCF account of “TRIALCREDT.” Write down the exact amounts of each of these deposits.
  • Verify your account.
    • Log in to digital banking, go to Pay & Transfer, select Manage Recipients, and select the name of your non-TCF account.
    • Select Edit, then Activate.
    • Enter the trial deposit amounts exactly. If the amounts you enter match the amounts we deposited, your account will be activated.


  • If you don’t activate the account within 30 days of adding it as a recipient, it will become invalid.
  • You can add up to five accounts that you have at other banks.
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Make a bank-to-bank transfer

Once your account is verified, you can transfer money between your TCF and non-TCF accounts.

  • Under Pay & Transfer, select Schedule
  • Select your non-TCF account to be the recipient (under To) or the funding account (under From).
  • The first available day your transfer can be delivered will appear in the dropdown calendar.

Bank-to-bank transfer timing

It typically takes 3 business days to move money from your account at another bank to your account at TCF and vice versa. For example, if you request a transfer on Tuesday, your funds should be deposited into your account on Friday.

Keep in mind weekends and holidays don't count as business days. For example, if you request a transfer on Friday and the following Monday is a holiday, your funds should be deposited into your account on Thursday.

Digital banking

You live life on the go. Use digital banking and our new mobile app to deposit checks to your account, view your balance, pay bills and much more!

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