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Deposit Account FAQs

Review the categories below and click on a question for more information.

Account Information

Where do I send additional deposits or withdrawal requests to that I want to make by mail?

ATTN:  Bank by Mail
801 Marquette Avenue
Minneapolis, MN 55402-3475

How do I make a withdrawal when I need it?
  • By check (if you are provided checks for your Account)
  • Written request in the mail.  Send us a withdrawal request with your signature notarized.  
  • By using an ATM or debit card if you are issued an ATM or debit card for your Account (daily limits apply).  Fees may apply.
  • By bill payment through online banking (if available for your Account)
  • By ACH transfer.  Contact the bank you would like to transfer to.
  • By wire transfer.  If you are near a TCF branch, come in to set up a wire transfer.  Fees apply.
How do I get interest information on my accounts?

Phone our 24-hour automated TCF Phone Banking service to get interest information on your accounts. You may also view monthly interest activity online when you enroll in TCF Online Banking.

How can I get more information about fees and services relating to TCF's deposit account products?

You can find the fees and services schedule for TCF's most common deposit account products here. You many also obtain information about TCF's privacy policy here.

How do I make additional deposits?

You can make additional deposits in the following ways:

  • In person in a TCF branch.
  • At an ATM where that service is available (daily limits apply)
  • By transfer from another eligible TCF account by phone, online, mobile, ATM, or in-person at a TCF branch.
  • By mail by sending us a check.
  • By wire transfer you initiate at another bank.  Fees may apply.
  • By ACH transfer you initiate at another bank or at TCF (daily limits apply)
  • Contact the bank you would like to transfer out of.
  • Recurring transfer from another bank.  Contact TCF to set up automatic transfers of up to $1,000 into your account from your bank.
How can I find out what the current rates and yields are on my account?
How do I access my account information?

There are several ways to access your account information. If you have a retail checking account, a money market account, or a savings account with a PIN, you may access your account by using our 24-hour automated TCF Phone Banking service.

You can also receive account balance information, view recent transaction activity, transfer funds and pay bills when you enroll for TCF Online Banking and Online Bill Payment.

If you have a TCF Check Card, TCF Premier Plus Charge Card or a TCF ATM Card, you can receive balance information, a mini-statement, or a statement update at any TCF ATM location. Find an ATM location near you.


What is the daily withdrawal limit at TCF ATMs?

The daily withdrawal limit varies by account. In general, a maximum of $500 can be withdrawn daily from your TCF account.

Will I be charged a fee if I overdraw my account while making an ATM withdrawal?

Yes, if you opt-in to authorize TCF to pay overdrafts at ATMs.

Is there a fee for using other banks' ATMs?

The bank that owns the ATM charges an access fee, which varies by bank and is disclosed on the screen prior to your transaction. TCF also charges a fee when using an ATM that is not owned by TCF. TCF may waive this fee for certain account types.

Is there a fee to use a TCF ATM for deposits or withdrawals?

No. There is no charge at TCF ATMs to conduct deposits, withdrawals, balance inquiries and transfers involving your TCF account, providing you have sufficient funds in your account.

Funds Availability

After depositing checks, when are my funds available for withdrawal?

Funds from the types of deposits noted below to your TCF checking account are generally available as follows:

Funds Availability Policy For TCF Checking Accounts
Description of Deposit When Funds can be withdrawn by cash or check
Direct deposits and cash deposits The day we receive the deposit
U.S. Treasury checks, postal money orders, checks drawn on a Federal Reserve Bank or Federal Home Loan Bank, and checks drawn on TCF National Bank.

Cashier's or teller's checks, certified checks, and state and local government checks where a special deposit slip is used (available upon request).

The first $200 of a day's deposit of other checks.
The first business day after the day of the deposit
Other checks (except for new accounts and checks on banks outside U.S.) The second business day after the day of the deposit

Please refer to TCF's Funds Availability Schedule for more information. Check with your branch for local cutoff times.

Returned Deposited Items

Does TCF charge a fee when a check I have deposited or cashed is returned to TCF unpaid?

A handling fee is charged to your account when a check is returned to TCF unpaid. For more information, click here.

Avoiding Overdrafts

How can I avoid overdraft and returned item service fees?

The best way to avoid these fees is to manage your account wisely so you do not overdraw it. You can phone TCF Customer Service to determine the amount of Available Funds in your account. You may transfer funds into your account in person at a branch, at an ATM, online, or by phone.

How can I get overdraft protection on my checking account?

A credit application for overdraft protection is available from any TCF consumer lender. Find a TCF location near you. You may also sign up for TCF's Overdraft Protection Transfer Service which automatically transfers funds from your savings account to your checking account if your overdraw it (a fee may apply).

Electronic Check Presentment

What is Electronic Check presentment?

Some merchants use an electronic process to receive payments from your account. You may be asked to sign a payment authorization, after which your canceled check will be returned to you immediately. The payment request will then be sent to your bank electronically.

TCF Check Card

Does TCF charge a fee when I use my TCF Check Card at merchant locations?

TCF does not charge a fee when you use your card at merchant locations if you select "credit" as your payment option. TCF may charge a POS Transaction Fee if you select "debit." and are asked to enter your PIN. Refer to TCF's Deposit Account Services and Prices Schedule for the amount of this fee and to see if it applies to your account.

How long does it take to receive a TCF Check Card?

It takes approximately 5-10 business days from the order date to receive your TCF Check Card. It will be mailed to the address you have specified on the account.