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V.Me by Visa ® by Visa

Want to speed your time through online checkouts and get transaction alerts? Stay in control of your finances and help keep your payment information secure.

Get Visa Alerts!
Protect your assets and get timely text or email alerts on your purchase activity for all of your registered Visa cards stored in by Visa. You control the settings for the alerts you want to receive – whether the purchase exceeds a specific dollar amount or for all transactions used on the card. Get peace of mind knowing your alerts will help you monitor your accounts for unusual activity, allowing you to immediately report any potential fraud. It’s easy to stay on top of your account activity - sign up for your customized convenient alerts today!

Shop. Click. Buy.
Buy online without re-entering your TCF Check Card and shipping details every time you check out on websites where by Visa is accepted. Simply, click the “Checkout with with Visa” button when you shop online and you don’t need to share your full account number. Just enter your email address and password and you’re done!

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