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Disbursement and Payments

Disbursement and Payments

Control and predict your company's cash flow by using TCF disbursement services and products.

Controlled Disbursement Account
Receive early notification of daily account distributions to warn of insufficient funds or excessive cash positions. TCF will automatically fund the Controlled Disbursement Account each day from your main operating account with TCF.

Disbursement Zero Balance Account (ZBA)
Eliminate idle balances in multiple disbursement accounts by establishing a disbursement Zero Balance Account. Funding between your main operating account and ZBA will occur automatically each day bringing your disbursement account to zero.

Wire Transfer
Disburse same-day funds instantly and safely to accounts in the United States or Internationally, via phone, fax or personal computer.

Automated Clearing House (ACH) Payments
Disburse payments to your trading partners, employees or the Treasury through this efficient and cost-effective channel.

Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (EFTPS)
Initiate tax payments electronically via touch-tone phone or personal computer in the IRS required format.

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