Communications with Directors

Stockholders and other interested parties may write any of our Directors, including any of our non-management or independent Directors, individually or as a group, at the following address:

[Board of Directors] or [Non-Management Directors] or
[Independent Directors] or [Name of Director]
TCF Financial Corporation
Corporate Secretary
200 Lake Street East
Mail Code EX0-03-G
Wayzata, MN 55391-1693

All letters must include: Stockholder's or interested party's name Address Phone number All letters are screened for appropriateness by an internal TCF response team. If the letter is not appropriate, the team will notify the sender at once. If the letter is appropriate, the team will conduct research and provide it to the director(s) or relevant Board Committee, with the letter. Directors are advised of all letters received, including those not appropriate. Directors will respond to all appropriate letters within six months, although in some circumstances more time is required.

TCF's Board of Directors, and both the non-management and independent Directors, have designated TCF's Corporate Secretary to receive all letters in compliance with NYSE Corporate Governance Standards Section 303A.03. The Corporate Secretary will provide appropriate letters to a particular Committee Chair or Director or to the independent or non-management Directors as a group if the sender specifically addresses his or her letter to such person(s).

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